International Tour

One of the most exciting opportunities as a member of the Botetourt Chamber Singers is the chance to go on international tour. Every third year since 1978 the Choir has undertaken an international tour, and in more recent years, the Botetourts Chamber Singers have joined the Choir in this endeavor. This experience not only allows the Bots to share their music with a larger audience, but also creates the opportunity to learn about many other cultures and share thrilling new experiences.

The Bots visiting the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, which hosted games for the 2010 World Cup

May 2017—South Africa

In May of 2017, the Botetourt Chamber Singers toured South Africa alongside the William & Mary Choir. Highlights included exploring cities like Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, living alongside antelope and monkeys at Cradle Moon Safari Lodge, and climbing Table Mountain in Cape Town. Through this unique experience, members of both ensembles learned about the diverse cultures in South Africa and shared their music with audiences of many different cultural backgrounds.

In this video, Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Armstrong explain how the trip helped the Bots and Choir grow both as musicians and as internationally-minded students.

William & Mary published a piece about the ensemble’s rich experiences while abroad. Read the article here.

Help support this trip by attending the annual Bots Gala. All proceeds go to the International Tour Fund, helping provide scholarships for students who would otherwise be unable to go on International Tour.

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